Deploy as war in weblogic

I want to create a spring mvc web project integrated with spring security and keycloak.Also it should be deployable as a .war file in weblogic.Is it possible ?


Keycloak is a standalone server based in Wildfly.
It is not possible to deploy it in other application servers.

One option is to have your WAR connect to a standalone Keycloak or to third-party providers, such as Facebook or Google.

Another option is to search for another implementation which fulfills your needs.
A quick search leads me to this:

It claims to be OpenID certified.

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Thank you for the reply.

But what i meant is like, is it possible or correct create a project with spring MVC ,spring security and key cloak and bundle them as war file,to deploy that war file in weblogic.

Is there any sample projects available with Spring mvc,security and keycloak ?

As I said, as long as I’m aware, there is no way currently to do what you want.

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