Deploy on Azure in Production


I’ve been trying to find some guides or articles on deploying keycloak on azure for production but I’ve not been able to find anything concrete. Everything seems to be related to development mode.

What is the recommended way to setup for production? Is it using a app service targeting the java stack? a docker container? or something else?
Could someone point me in the direction of any material to do this correctly?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Docker is probably what you want.

Not sure what you meant by “Everything seems to be related to development mode”, because out of the box, keycloak is already ready for production load, with sane and safe production defaults.

Just run in in a docker server the same way you would run another production container (keep in mind that you probably want to configure distributed cache if you are running more than one instance), put a load balancer in front (as you would for another web application) and call it a day.

You also probably want to use a external database, like postgres, just use the database configuration command options (or environment variables).

Thanks weltonrodrigo.

What I meant by “Everything seems to be related to development mode” is that all the articles I have been finding to running KeyCloak on Azure all seemed to be quick articles to get a development instance running bin/kc.[sh|bat] start-dev. I seen allot around docker but I wasnt sure if it was recommended to use docker for production. Thanks for confirming that.