Didn't find publicKey for kid

I’m working with keycloak to secure a Spring rest API. I have a wildfly application server running the keycloak 11.0.2, a Tomcat server for the Spring rest API and an Appache2 acting as a proxy.
After all the configurations had been placed I can work within my localhost environment, generating tokens and navigate through the rest API with the keycloak tokens…
Now would like to have exactly the same environment but with the https/ssl enabled and for that I did the following:
I created a lets encrypt certificate for my domain.
I changed all localhost addresses to my domain address.
I did the import of my CA generated certificate to my keystore and I did also all the keycloak configuration to use my keystore. The creation of the additional security-realm name=“UndertowRealm” and the correspondent association of the https-listener.

Since I did that change I can generate a token in the keycloak with success but I’m getting the following error in the tomcat server every time that I try to access to my rest API:

ERROR 21164 — [nio-8082-exec-4] o.k.a.rotation.AdapterTokenVerifier : Didn’t find publicKey for kid:

Do you have any ideias what I’m missing here?

Ok I found the problem. It’s was a local configuration issue. My certificate was not well imported into the Java keystore.