Difference between "Client Session" and "SSO Session" in timeout settings?


We are trying to configure our session timeouts for various clients. However, we are not sure what is meant by “Client Session” and “SSO Session” in the “Realm Settings -> Tokens” settings page:

The tooltip descriptions are a bit vague, and all we can see in the code is that, when calculating the expiry of an access token, the minimum of the two settings is taken:

So, what is meant by “SSO Session”, and how is it different from a “Client Session”? Does it have to do with the browser or cookies somehow?

Answering my-self:

SSO Session is about the browser cookie, whereas the client session is in regards to refresh tokens.

Hello @pmellati, I have several clients and I want to extend browser session time for an specific client. I tried to change anvaced options inside client configuration but doesn´t work. Do you have any advise?