Difference between normal user and business users in keycloak

Hi All,

We are using keyclok 8.0.1. Now we already have personal type of user who accessing this keycloak services. But now i need to add one new type of users (business usres) who will access the same keycloak server but only keycloak login Page GUI will be diffreent for both type of users.
Here i have 2 query.

  1. how to make diffrence between this 2 types of users.
  2. And i how to send separate emails for verification user and password reset for different types of users.
    I meas if person type of user can click on verifily link so it will redirect to as its going now but if business user click on verify/password reset link to it need to be redirect with new GUI login keyclok page.

Need your help please let me know i am new to keycloak

Thank you