Direct link to registration form for regular browser-based registration

We’re trying to implement a custom registration flow. As part of that customization we need the ability to directly link to user registration. Our intent is to do some other things such as pre-populating fields based on a query param, but that’s not relevant to my question at hand (and I already have that working).

So far, I can’t find any way to directly link to the registration. Everything seems to require going through the combined login + registration page, which contains a button that has generated params that are required for the registration form to be rendered (specifically tab_id). If I remove that param, it just redirects back to the login + registration page.

I see that this question has been asked numerous times in the past with no real solution given. I’m kind of blown away that this is seemingly so difficult to do, and it’s pretty discouraging TBH. Help?!

So after digging around with the keycloak javascript adapter, I see it’s register() function redirects to a URL like so:


Which can seemingly be truncated down to…


It’s fairly absurd that isn’t easier to find. Documentation is severely lacking.

Hello @jamesdh,

We have similar needs for our keycloak instance and are trying to display registration page by default, instead of login page.
Many thanks for the first elements you provided
Did-you find other answers to your question ?

Many thanks.