Display privacy policy and force user to check it on register template

Is there a way to display a link to the privacy policy on the register page template and force the user to check it before processing with the registration?
Since our registration requests personal information like date of birth we need to display GDPR complainant privacy policy and TOS.

Similar, can those policies be shown at the login page too (without requirement to check them).

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The closest thing Keycloak has built-in is probably the “Terms and Conditions” requirement. See this section of the docs for more information on how to set that up: Server Administration Guide

Thanks, I will check that out.

Facebook just blocked us from using “login with Facebook”, because we don’t have a link to Privacy Policy on our KeyCloak login page and in the registration form. Is there a feature request I could upvote?

Unlikely it will be added to Keycloak, but extending the login theme to add this is fairly trivial. Docs are here Server Developer Guide

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