Does Keycloak support SAML login with plus addressing?

Say in my SP database, I have a user who’s email makes use of plus addressing i.e. If that user tries to login with SAML, the google IDP responds with the user’s email minus the plus address i.e. In the SP authn/authz system this would lead to an error because the emails mismatch, but it’s the same user. Does Keycloak have a built in way of supporting email with plus addressing? I’m just using the NodeJS library, not using the JS library.

KeyCloak allows you to create users which such emailaddress. But, when you call for example realm/users?, keycloak will return a 500 telling you this user does not exist.
Just found out today.

500 means error. Generally, url value should be url encoded, so try realm/users?

Ah, of course! Thanks!