Domain setup with HA

Hi, is it possible to set up a domain clustered with HA, I cant find any tutorial with regards on this.

HA is not bound to domain or standalone, it’s possible with both.

Domain or standalone mode is just the mode how you manage your nodes.
With Domain, you have a “classic” (legacy) domain controller / management server, in which you do all the settings and these are then distributed to the nodes configured in the wildfly domain cluster.

If you have a completely scripted/automated/containerized environment, there is IMHO no need for domain mode and all can be done by standlone mode. Standalone means that you do all the config settings and management in each node standalone - but they still can form an HA cluster or course.
Typcially, when running Keycloak in a Dockerized/containerized environment, all your nodes are standalone nodes.

Thank you sir for your reply, question when you dockerized the keycloak can we use domain clustering what we connect to that?

I don’t have experience with running a dockerized Keycloak in domain mode as this makes IMHO absolutely no sense!

i see thank you sir, how about infinispan in dockerized keycloak in standalone ?
then the default configuration of keycloak dockerized is standalone or Standalone HA?

Authentication is a single point of failure and thus you have to run it in a high availability cluster. There’s no reason for not doing this in production.