Email confirmation redirect on iOS

Hi guys,

I’m using keycloak together with a react-native application. I’m having an issues with the redirect to the app after I’m confirming my email address. Although on android, the app is re-opened and the user can proceed with the normal app flow, on iOS, after clicking the confirm email address link, the user is redirected to a different safari page (validate email page) and he gets stuck there.

I’ve looked on the internet trying to find possible solutions, but have found none that actually helps. From what I’ve got until now, keycloak opens a new page for the registration flow in which the client has a session. After the user confirms the email, a new tab from safari is opened, where the session does not exist anymore, thus the user cannot be redirect to the app.

I’m not sure if this is intended, but I would assume that it is not, since on Android the behaviour is completely different.

Any help is appreciated,
Cheers :slight_smile: