Email template theme per client

It seems KC 12.x only supports email templates on realm level? We need per client email templates (and have deployed a themes JAR that contains the login and email templates).
Is this really not possible?

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You can only change email templates at the realm level.

I wonder why that is? What might be the rationale behind that?
If that is unchangeable (and I am not going to work on a patch), then is there a way to share users across realms?

I don’t know the “why”. Probably a question for the Keycloak authors/maintainers.

You could have multiple realms that are IdPs to one primary realm, but then you’d need a mechanism to route users to their correct IdP/realm.

You could create your own providers to implement this functionality if you really need it.
Take a look at the following example to override the default provider, keycloak-extensions/spi-mail-template-override at master · zonaut/keycloak-extensions · GitHub

Is there a way to reach out to them? LIke a developers mailing list or so?

Thanks. On a first glance this looks way to overengineered for a simple “use those email templates for this client” kind of functionality.

The likely result of asking them will be them suggesting:

  1. file a ticket in the issue tracker
  2. create a fork, implement your feature and file a MR GitHub - keycloak/keycloak: Open Source Identity and Access Management For Modern Applications and Services
  3. profit!

I created the ticket Keycloak-17807 but since 2 months nobody did respond to it. Possibly you want to add something I forgot to it?

The ticket looks fine. However, as I said, the Keycloak team appears to have a full roadmap already, and generally only accepts work if it is critical for a security issue, or already comes with an implemented feature and MR.

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