Error on SAML resposne/request with Azure

Hi there!

While trying to integrate Azure as IdP using SAML, I encountered with this error:


I’ve looked for the error in Google but with no success. The only things that I’ve put in the configuration of the IdP SAML are: Single Sign-On service URL and Service provider entity ID (both fields are correct as It worked with other configuration that we’ve had but had to erase). And marking the fields below:


Appreciate any help/advice you can give.


I found something similar.

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Well, I don’t know what I did exactly, but the problem does not appear anymore. Thanks @gsmith for the reply, as It helped me in doing a deeper research.

In case anyone needs It, here is the configuration that’s working with:

This might help too: IBM Documentation

Awesome!! and thx for sharing @RobOne