Error when configuring conditional step

I want to create a conditional flow for resetting password: if a user will have some attribute or a role then I don’t want the reset password email to be sent. But when I edit keycloak flow conditions I am getting a weird error.

A flow which I’ve created.

However when I want to edit the condition and click on the options button there I am getting such a message: Cannot convert undefined or null to object
The same is for other conditions.

In the keyckloak logs I don’t see any errors. I am using dockerized keyckloak 19

Maybe someone knows some other way how to disable resetting password only for particular users.

Thank you

Unfortunately you hit a known bug: Bug when configuring an authenticator · Issue #3375 · keycloak/keycloak-ui · GitHub This is already fixed, but will ship only in Keycloak 20.

Workaround is to disable the new admin console theme:

Admin consolemaster realmrealm settingsthemeadmin consolekeycloak.

Thank you, this worked.