External Database (PostgreSQL) not working with latest keycloak CRDs

Hi All,

I am using external database (PostgreSQL, AWS RDS instance) for the keycloak which is deployed using keycloak operator, (GitHub - keycloak/keycloak-operator: A Kubernetes Operator based on the Operator SDK for syncing resources in Keycloak, used master branch)

When i tried to deploy the keycloak, the database service (keycloak-postgresql) is not coming up.

In the operator logs i see the following:

{"level":"info","ts":1624879328.3319547,"logger":"action_runner","msg":"( 0) SUCCESS Update Keycloak admin secret"} {"level":"info","ts":1624879328.349941,"logger":"action_runner","msg":"( 1) SUCCESS update keycloak prometheus rule"} {"level":"info","ts":1624879328.3565884,"logger":"action_runner","msg":"( 2) SUCCESS update keycloak service monitor"} {"level":"info","ts":1624879328.3589902,"logger":"action_runner","msg":"( 3) FAILED Create Postgresql KeycloakService"}

keycloak with external database works with older version of CRDs (10.0.x or latest).

But i wanted to use the CRDs from the master branch because the keycloak CRDs present in the master branch has the support for podAntiAffinity and nodeAffinity features and i really need this.

Please note i am using EKS (kubernetes version 1.20)

Can you please take a look ?

Awaiting your response.

I’m facing the same issue. Any luck?

Use the FQDN instead of just service name. for instance

service name: postgres-service
namespace: postgres-namespace
clusterdomain: cluster.local