External IDP initiated login to OIDC client? Is this possible?

The documentation seems to imply that you can only do external IDP initiated login to a SAML client. I’m working in NodeJS however, so the only libraries for SAML clients are written in Java. So we can’t do IDP initiated login to an OIDC client?

What about samlify.js and Passport-SAML?

Ah these are good suggestions. It would be nice to use something made by Keycloak org but at the end of the day, just need a client. I will try these out. Thanks!

Hello @kevinarthur,

Did you manage to get IDP initiated login to work? I am looking to implement the following:

  1. Login to my identity provider (like ping, okta, Azure AD etc)
  2. Click on the app that my admin has created
  3. Clicking on the app should SSO the user to keycloak (where I have created an Identity Provider)

Is your workflow similar? If so, is there a documentation that you know of that outlines this workflow?