Failed to execute 'postmessage' on 'domwindow': The target origin provided ('') does not match the recipient window's origin (' Suspecting this to be because of Iframe

Hi all,

I got stuck in one of the lab scenarios.
Below is the topology:

I am trying to just access Keycloak’s Administration Console using a browser from client.
I am accessing it via HTTPS. The URL that I am using is
Now first, traffic will hit to Load balancer. LB will perform SSL offloading (will decrypt the traffic and will send decrypted traffic to keycloak.
For this reason, SSL required is set to none in keycloak.

Accordingly, I have sent the Redirect URIs so that those get reached to the client.

When I try to access keycloak Administration Console from client, I do get home page and login page. But once I login, I get a page with just the upper bar.

And if we see, we do get an error for which I have raised this issue.

I searched a lot and found that its related to iframe.
But I didn’t get to a solution.
I am using an older version of keycloak (6.0), but I faced same issue with newer of keycloak as well (21.0.0). The only difference is that in newer version, I didn’t the login page.

Requesting the community to please help me to achieve this.
Please let me know if you have any queries. I can answer them.

JFYI, authentication is happening successfully.
Where is the NAT IP on load balancer.

Can anyone help me?
I need some urgent help with us.
I will be glad provide you extra information, if requried.