Failing to map role to group

Hey everyone,

been trying to perform a role mapping with a group in realm.

Trying on Insomnia with this url structure:

JSON Payload with no root keys at all just an array of roles:
[ {
“id”: “3881ef1d-6ccf-483a-bada-0b8eb78406a4”,
“name”: “_dashboard”,
“composite”: false,
“clientRole”: true,
“containerId”: “4da723e5-b49c-4a33-bb40-3fddd6bfa117”

Also on the header I got Bearer {token}, Accept = application/json, Content-type = application/json.

I performed the request visually from auth/admin it works the role goes to the client map of the group.

Unfortunatelly when performing on API testing/tool the response is always 204.
But when fetching group roles on that client, it returns with an empty array [], which makes me understand the response with 204 was falsy!

Just figured it out, I mixed groupUuid with roleId :man_facepalming: everything works as expected.