Gatekeeper can't see session cookie from get ajax request

We are having problems with gatekeeper redirecting to Keycloak because our Get Ajax requests are being redirected from Gatekeeper to Keycloak.
We can see in Gatekeeper logs:

{"level":"error","ts":1600942312.0461202,"msg":"no session found in request, redirecting for authorization","error":"authentication session not found"}

The funny thing is that Post Ajax calls work.
Is there a way to add more logs in Gatekeeper to see the all the request data that gatekeeper sees (cookies, etc)?
Another side effect of this is that Gatekeeper is redirecting the request to Keycloak that lives under another domain and we are getting a CORS problem but only for the latest Chrome versions…

Has anyone experienced this problem before?
Does anyone know if Gatekeeper is calling Keycloak to validate the request? or it does it itself ? Because we don’t understand if Gatekeeper can’t see the cookies why Firefox without any CORS issues apparently works, Gatekeeper should block the request no matter what if there is no session cookie, that is at least what I would expect.

We have Gatekeeper configured as a side app in the same node for every single of our apps.

Thanks in advance

It turned out that devops weren’t setting properly the cookie domain config