Get token of user without password!

i want to integrate facial recognition in my spring boot keycloak project !

my logic is :

i give email and image of my face

if face is verified i can get token to use the application !

but in keycloak i can’t do that ( get token without password )

so please can you help solve this ! or give another logic how to use the face ID correctly in my application

thank you for your time

have a nice day !

Identifying/AUthenticating the user is not your applications but keycloaks job. If you buy in to keycloak/oidc you have to use the protocol you have opted for.
Thus, you’ll have to implement it as a custom authentication provider within keycloak. The application side remains unchanged.

Thank you for your reply ! so i can’t integrate face Id login with keycloak !?

You’ll have to implement it as a keycloak extension.