Getting error before loading keycloak UI

Hello All,

I have deployed keycloak version 21.1.1 using helm chart on k8 cluster. Everthing is working fine from authentication and authorisation side. But when i am trying to access the keycloak URL. It is throwing me the below error-

Unexpected Application Error!
Network response was not OK.
Error: Network response was not OK.
** at fetchWithError (https://DUMMY-URL/auth/resources/abcma/admin/keycloak.v2/assets/index-d2c499e7.js:67:43710)**
** at async Agent.requestWithParams https://DUMMY-URL/auth/reso**urces/abcma/admin/keycloak.v2/assets/index-d2c499e7.js:67:46301)

and then successfully redirecting me to the keycloak UI.

I am not sure, what configuration i am missing.

Thanks in advance!

@vijaymhaske Did you get resolution for this issue?

Hi @stumkar - Nope, I am still getting the same error. Do you have any idea, why this is coming up?

I think this is happening only for the initial load when the data is not loaded in the cache. Are there any cache configurations we need to alter?

yes, during initial load we got this error, after that not seeing this, any resolution to this ? or we missing any configuration in this ? I upgraded keycloak from 18.0.2 to 21.1.1 and seeing this error.

We are experiencing the exact same problem here after upgrading to Keycloak 21. I can reproduce it locally when running the basic Keycloak Docker image from Quay. Maybe this issue should be reported on the Keycloak GitHub.

please check your DB connection of keycloak