Getting Error While Fetching Keycloak Image Via Docker


as per below .yml file. I am trying to start keycloak image using docker .yml file on local with PostgreSQL database but getting error.

.yml file:-

version: ‘3’


image: Quay
DB_ADDR: host.docker.internal
DB_PORT: 5432
DB_USER: postgres
DB_SCHEMA: public

    - 8080:8080      


Attaching to keycloakpostgresdockerfile_keycloak_1
keycloak_1 | Keycloak - Open Source Identity and Access Management
keycloak_1 |
keycloak_1 | Find more information at: Documentation Index
keycloak_1 |
keycloak_1 | Usage:
keycloak_1 |
keycloak_1 | [OPTIONS] [COMMAND]
keycloak_1 |
keycloak_1 | Use this command-line tool to manage your Keycloak cluster.
keycloak_1 | Make sure the command is available on your “PATH” or prefix it with “./” (e.g.:
keycloak_1 | “./”) to execute from the current folder.
keycloak_1 |
keycloak_1 | Options:
keycloak_1 |
keycloak_1 | -cf, --config-file
keycloak_1 | Set the path to a configuration file. By default, configuration properties are
keycloak_1 | read from the “keycloak.conf” file in the “conf” directory.
keycloak_1 | -h, --help This help message.
keycloak_1 | -v, --verbose Print out error details when running this command.
keycloak_1 | -V, --version Show version information
keycloak_1 |
keycloak_1 | Commands:
keycloak_1 |
keycloak_1 | build Creates a new and optimized server image.
keycloak_1 | start Start the server.
keycloak_1 | start-dev Start the server in development mode.
keycloak_1 | export Export data from realms to a file or directory.
keycloak_1 | import Import data from a directory or a file.
keycloak_1 | show-config Print out the current configuration.
keycloak_1 | tools Utilities for use and interaction with the server.
keycloak_1 | completion Generate bash/zsh completion script for
keycloak_1 |
keycloak_1 | Examples:
keycloak_1 |
keycloak_1 | Start the server in development mode for local development or testing:
keycloak_1 |
keycloak_1 | $ start-dev
keycloak_1 |
keycloak_1 | Building an optimized server runtime:
keycloak_1 |
keycloak_1 | $ build
keycloak_1 |
keycloak_1 | Start the server in production mode:
keycloak_1 |
keycloak_1 | $ start
keycloak_1 |
keycloak_1 | Enable auto-completion to bash/zsh:
keycloak_1 |
keycloak_1 | $ source <( tools completion)
keycloak_1 |
keycloak_1 | Please, take a look at the documentation for more details before deploying in
keycloak_1 | production.
keycloak_1 |
keycloak_1 | Use “ start --help” for the available options when starting the server.
keycloak_1 | Use “ --help” for more information about other commands.
keycloakpostgresdockerfile_keycloak_1 exited with code 0

Thanking you.

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Thank you very much for info.
if you could send any .yml specific config file or any link related to resource so we can build our .yml file according to latest changes it would been great.

There is a doc for that:

Maybe you can help me with docker here as well?

I read the documentation, but I do not get it to work

I am using successfully KC 16.1.0 and wanted to upgrade to Version 17.x. I downloaded the new image but I never succeeded to get ist up and running. What further steps are necessary to get it running? Why isn‘t there a ready to use image like for 16.10.0?
Thank you in advance!