Getting java.lang.RuntimeException: PBKDF2 algorithm not found error

I built a new keycloak image using the instructions mentioned in Docker Hub under “Building image with Keycloak from different sources”. It was working fine till last week but when I tried to build new image again, I am getting java.lang.RuntimeException: PBKDF2 algorithm not found error on starting of the container. Anyone has any idea about this error? I am guessing it’s happening while running the add-keycloak-user script but I am not sure.

I had this before, and it was the Bouncycastle module not being referenced properly. Verify that it’s in your new image, and that your extension is including the module properly.

Do I need to add it explicitly in the new image? I don’t remember doing this earlier when I created this image before.

Are you getting this exception from code in an extension, or just with normal use?

I am getting it while starting the keycloak container. I am guessing its happening while running add-user script on startup.