Getting Started - Examples vs. Quickstarts Documentation Help

I’ve been tasked with exploring the extensibility of the Authentication SPI provided by Keycloak and I’m starting completely from scratch. I’m having some difficulties with some of the Keycloak documentation.

  1. In the Service Developer -> Authentication SPI -> Authenticator SPI Walkthrough documentation, it references

This example is fully implemented and contained in the examples/providers/authenticator directory of the demo distribution of Keycloak.

Looking at the Downloads page, there’s nothing labeled as a “demo distribution” and the examples download is marked as Deprecated. I downloaded the Quickstarts, but I’m not seeing anything that lines up with the Authenticator SPI Walkthrough referenced by the documentation.

Are the steps within the Authenticator SPI Walkthrough still valid but the source code is just no longer available for download?

  1. Within the Quickstarts download, on the Getting started page, it says the first two steps should be starting and configuring the Keycloak Server and WildFly Server. And within the Start and Configure the WildFly Server section, it talks about extracting a Keycloak client adapter.

Is the assumption that I download the Standalone server distribution and the WildFly OpenID Connect Client Adapter from the Downloads page and find the WildFly server download from

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide this n00b.

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And: Getting started with Keycloak