Give a user permission to create other user when he is logged


Here is my use case : I need to give some user permission to create user when they are logged from a extra registration form ? what are steps to do that ?


  • User1 is logged an have a particular attribute that allow him to create account for other user
  • When he is logged he have access to a registration form that create account for other user without being logged out or redirected to new user session

I thoughtabout using some Keycloak REST API but i’m a little but confused about how to implement all the use case.


Not sure I completely understood your use case.

However, is it an option to use the more fine grained admin console flags to allow your users to log in to the admin console and create new users there?

@ThoreKr Sorry, for my explaination. What i’m looking for it’s a way to a user to register another user without beeing logged out. Indeed, I tried to redirect this user on register flow but he allways get logged out