Give access token to user coming from other website


Here is my use case. We have some partner website that could be redirected in our application and we want them to access resource but without having to create another account … ? What is the best way to do that ?



hi @daloulou,

Do you try Dynamic client registration ?

It allow your partners apps to register into keycloak and automagically get client_id and client_secret to consume keycloak services

hi @M3lkior,

I’m sorry i’m not really understanding how it will help me solve my use case ?
Maybe i was not clear, but partner user came from website 1 could be redirected on website2 and i want them to have access to website’s ressource as if there was website2 user’s without creating account.


Hum i’m not sure to understand your needs … you want to activate SSO between site 1 and site 2 ?
Site 1 is linked to Keycloak ?
Site 2 is linked to Keycloak ?
User on site 1 is managed by Keycloak ?

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Only site 2 is linked to Keycloak and User on site 1 are managed by another company.