Guest user and update it

Hi there! I want to implement the next flow.

  1. Some user goes to my web site, but for now he does not want to sing in/sign up, just want to try service.
  2. As I know keycloack does not support guest users? So my web site make request to keycloack to register user with random email (random email is for support guest user, as I know firebase use smth like this)
  3. Then keycloack make authenticate for this user and returns session cookie and jwt.
  4. User use this jwt for my web site.
  5. At some time user want to upgrade his account with github, google etc (with oAuth, openID etc).

Is it possible?

Why you don’t implement “guest session” directly in your app - e.g. “guest login” button next to OIDC login button, which generates guest app session without any interaction with your identity provider?

Guest user also should have ID.
Most actions on my web service should be stored like (it’s just simple example):
USER_ID, action , … ,

Guest user is like regular user, but without email.
But this user later could upgrade his account (pass email with google, github or manually)