Guest User Login through keycloak

We have scenario to support guest user login through keycloak. What would be the recommended way to do this.

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Can you provide additional information about what you mean by “guest user login”?

Guest user login is the functionality by which the user can continue to browse the site and be able to get the access token anonymously.

I would also be interested in that.
So a user can choose to login with username and password (normal behaviour) or
can skip login page and continue as anonymous/default user with minimal rights. (rights configurable in keycloak)

This is not functionality supported natively by Keycloak. I believe you would have to create a temporary user and generate an action token to log them in.

Could you tell me more about that or do you have a link on how to implement those Temporary users and action tokens ?

User creation can be done with the admin API:
And you’ll have to do some custom development to build an action token handler to log that user in:

We have done this using temporary users, but the upkeep of the temporary users is costly. Creation and deletion of these user sets is to be maintained.

+1 , our organization need this also