Having trouble configuring keycloak in k8s

I’m trying to follow up this example https://github.com/oauth2-proxy/oauth2-proxy/tree/master/contrib/local-environment/kubernetes but with Keycloak.
I want to deploy Keycloak in k8s cluster with kind and helm charts. And having such config in my Values.yaml:

  basepath: auth
  username: admin
  password: vZnyZCfbLrxYM6PW
  extraEnv: |
      value: "true"
    enabled: 	true
      kubernetes.io/ingress.class: nginx
      nginx.ingress.kubernetes.io/use-regex: "true"
    path: /auth/?(.*)
      - keycloak.localtest.me

Where -keycloak.localtest.me is in my dns hosts. Accessing nginx I see that keycloak configuration is present with *.keycloak.example.com

And in nginx log I see this:

Error getting SSL certificate "default/keycloak-tls": local SSL certificate default/keycloak-tls was not found

So when I go to keycloak.localtest.me nothing happens. How can I access Keycloack? Example =http://keycloak.localtest.me/auth/realms/master?

$ kubectl get secret keycloak-tls -n ingress-nginx
Gives me: Error from server (NotFound): secrets "keycloak-tls" not found

What can I do make this small example work?