Help for Roles/goups/users configuration with use-case

Hi everyone,
I’m discovering keycloak and I’ve been struggling for a few days to organise the roles/users/groups for my specific application and I can’t find a way which looks suitable…
My main issue is that there are a lot of dependencies between the differents categories (I don’t want to use group or anything that can be misleading with keycloak terms). I tried to summarize the kind of dependencies with an example.
Let’s say we sell connected cooking robots :

  • There will be some restaurants as buyers, which will have differents users (with different rights).
  • Access to some robots may be restricted to some users.
  • We provide receipes adapted to the robot, some of them are on free access, other ones are on-subscription.
  • For different reasons we can imagine, that the access to receipes depends on users and on robots.

For what I understand, the users would be the keycloak users and the cooking robots would be keycloak clients.
I tried to make some groups and sub-groups but I can’t manage to get everything linked together. How would you organize such a keycloak ? (Note that maybe it’s just that I’m not using keycloak for it right purpose)