Hibernate error when adding JPA entity extension to Keycloak-x

Hi all,

I’ve been wrestling with an extension that adds a few JPA entities. It works without problem in Keycloak, but when I try to load it as an extension in Keycloak-x, I get the following Hibernate error:

docker-keycloak-1  | ERROR: Unable to create requested service [org.hibernate.engine.jdbc.env.spi.JdbcEnvironment]
docker-keycloak-1  | ERROR: Access to DialectResolutionInfo cannot be null when 'hibernate.dialect' not set

Is this something that can be added to the keycloak.properties file?


The problem seems to have been that Quarkus doesn’t like it if you have a persistence.xml file. Seems this is an incompatibility that can be addressed in an “upgrade” document.

Good afternoon! Is this already solved?

I am migrating to version 17 of keycloak (not keycloak-x) and I have the same issue, I can’t add my 2 extensions.

If this not work yet… there is any workaround?

Thanks in advance!

As I said in the above message, I just removed the persistence.xml file and the problem went away.