Hide applications where user has no role


I would like to hide applications (clients) where the current user has no role, in the user account page (“Applications” tab).

We use keycloak for our main product but also to identify ourselves in internal tools (extranet, SAML subcontractors, reporting tools, …).
While it’s very convenient for the staff to have a unique identity, the vast majority of the users who are our clients can see the list of all our internal tools and subcontractors in the “Applications” tab of their account page.

If you have any tip about this, it would be greatly appreciated !

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No one seems inspired by this :smiley:


I would separate the internal KC from the one used for customers. If that is not possible, I would separate them into different realms. You also could create a customized account theme where you modify the template.ftl and/or applications.ftl files to filter the applications shown to non-internal users (old account console).

In the client configurationsection of KC, if you set “Settings” → “Consent Required” to ON and “Scope”-> “Full Scope Allowed” to OFF, then the clients where users did not accept consent are also hidden from the applications page.


Thank you very much @mbonn !
I will explore this.