High-Availability of keycloak across remote sites

Hi guys,

I’ve been looking into Keycloak as an on-prem IAM and SSO solution for my company. One thing that I’m unclear on from reading the documentation is if Keycloak’s clustered mode can handle our requirements for instance federation across sites.

We have some remote manned sites that occasionally run critical telemetry-gathering processes. Our AD domain is replicated to those sites.

The issue is that there is a single internet link to the sites. If we had keycloak at the main office, and the internet link went down for a day, any software at the remote site that relies on keycloak to authenticate wouldn’t work (which would be a big problem).

Can we set up Keycloak in a cluster mode (ie, putting an instance at each site), so that if this link went out, remote users are able to connect to their local instance automatically and authenticate with local apps? What happens when the connection is restored and the databases are out of sync - does keycloak automatically repair this?