Hostnames not working correctly after upgrading to v25

We’ve just updgraded to keycloak v25, including all the changes in the configurations files that are specified in the guideline.

Since this upgrade, we’ve been having troubles when sending requests to the admin console. It seems that, after upgrading, some requests that should have been sended to the hostname-admin route are sended to the wrong route instead (the one specified in the hostname config label).

For instance, one request before the upgrade was “https://admin.myhostname:8443/admin/serverinfo” and after upgrading, this same request is replaced by “https://myhostname/auth/admin/serverinfo” which returns 404 not found.

The config proxy variables before updating (hostname v1):

hostname-url={{ hostname_url }}
hostname-admin-url={{ hostname-admin_url }}

The config proxy after updating (hostname v2):

hostname={{ hostname_url }}
hostname-admin={{ hostname-admin_url }}

Thanks in advance.



First of all, thanks for your response.

However, we already follow that guidelines and configured everything to work with hostnames v2 (you have the current config in the first message) but we can’t make it work anyway.

Any other suggestion?

Thanks in advance.

There are several issues in the GitHub repo regarding using wrong hostnames/paths when using hostnames:v2 feature, e.g.:

…and probably more… :man_shrugging:

Hello dasniko,

In that case we will wait untill a new minor release is launched or someone reports the fix for this issue.

Thanks for your response!