How can i add multiple new certificates to the same keycloak instance in keycloak UI ( 23.0.0 )

Scenario : I am having different certificates which i need to configure in keycloak UI , how can I do this.
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Can anyone help me with the above scenario!

Can you rephrase the question, I’m uncertain about the kind of certificates you are referring to and which UI.

Maybe elaborate the scenario with the problem you are trying to solve.

certificate based browser navigation.

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Google doesn’t even know that term.

I’m trying to set up Keycloak in a multi-tenant environment, where each tenant is accessing the same app through their respective certificates i.e. and etc.
How can i configure this in keycloak UI ( 23.0.0 )

So you need different SSL certificates for the different domains?
That sounds like an issue at the reverse proxy level, not Keycloak itself.

Or are you referring to x509 client authentication as described in Server Administration Guide?

I need to configure different SSL certificates for different domains, could you please share any generic reference link.

@ThoreKr , could you please help me here

Please let me know if any update, Thanks !