How can i bypass the username and password authentication for certain users?

Here’s my situation

I have two types of users who log in with keycloak webauth. Doctors/Nurses and Technicians

It is only to log their use of items and the computer is secured in a safe room. The Technicians only use it for stock refills to update the inventory count, and the Docs/Nurses to input the use and have a safe inventory at all times.

The Docs/Nurses do not want to have to click anything anymore. Only a single click that tells its a Doc/Nurse and that’s it!

I am in a docker container environement and i am quite confused as to the best approach to do this

For the last 2 weeks I’ve been looking into the Spring Boot with FreeMarker project, thinking that adding a .js would be a good idea, with a page before the login that allows them to chose the type of user. But it requires rebuilding the jar that maven uses? It’s really not as simple as i thought

Now I’m even thinking if maybe using SSL/TLS wouldn’t be an even better solution. Even if it’s a bit of an overkill for this one simple thing, it could make it not only more secure (even if my use case doesn’t require it) and its for this one single certificate set up and then click → access (unless the click is the technician option)

I’m thinking that maybe I’m missing a configuration already available in keycloak admin settings and it could be easier than all this stuff.

Please guide me toward either documentation or something.

Thanks in advance