How can i configure the keycloack application

I am new to keycloack i want to know how can i achieve the following functionality:

I needs to generate an OTP:

  1. The OTP generated from the MFA Application shall be a configurable parameter where there is a flexibility in increasing or decreasing the number of digits.

  2. OTP Complexity must be customizable increase or decrease numeric digits (eg: 4 digits, 6 digits,…)

  3. Increase or decrease session time

Thanks in advance

I’m not sure what exactly you needs, but it looks like you are asking for OTP app with some advance OTP configuration. Unfortunately Google/Microsoft OTP apps don’t provide it, but Yubico Authenticator did. It provides the most advance OTP manual configuration, which I have seen from all OTP apps (maybe other apps have this capability from QR code, I don’t know):

Of course Keycloak allows you to customize used OTP policy -