How can we deploy Keyclock redundantly on Azure

We are planning on hosting Keycloak on Azure. We would like to have some redundancy so we decided to follow the domain clustered mode. However, we just noticed this note on the knowledge base:
In some environments, such as Microsoft Azure, the domain mode is not applicable. Please consult the WildFly documentation.

Can anyone suggest us a way to follow to make our deployment redundant and production ready on Azure.


Just use the standalone mode.

Domain mode is in most environments not necessarily needed and only used by people who need to configure a lot manually. Once everything is scripted and automated, there’s no need for domain mode.

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How do you provide high availability in that case? Do you recommend us to use Standalone HA mode then? If so, is there a way to keep the servers in standalone HA in sync all the time?


That’s what the HA clustering is, yes.
Difference between domain and standalone mode ist just the management of the resources like DB connection and so on via a centralized domain “controller” server (management instance), which isn’t available in standalone mode (you’ll have to configure every instance individualy). But, as I already said, if everything is automated, you won’t need domain mode.
For further info, I suggest to read the wildfly docs on these topics.

Thanks for the explanation.

I have another question for you. If we proceed with standalone HA with two machines, and have these two machines use the “same” external postgresql as their database, what do we need to keep in sync via scripts between these two machines for a active/standby or active/active deployment? Are there any system files to copy back and forth between these machines to run them redundantly?

In standalone HA setup, is each system supposed to have its own unique hostname, IP and certificate for https on port TCP8443?


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