How do you update 'encryptionPublicKey' without dropping and re-creating the realm?

There was a misconfiguration when the realm was configured and the encryptionPublicKey was set to “CERTIFICATE”.

  • identityProviders > config > encryptionPublicKey in the realm export file.
  • /auth/admin/REALM/console/#/realms/REALM/identity-provider-settings/provider/saml/dhs-appauth on the console.

This has since been fixed, but there doesn’t seem to be anywhere on the admin console to update this value the way I was able to update the signingCertificate.

  • identityProviders > config > signingCertificate in the realm export file.

If it can be updated in the console, how do I go about doing that, if not, what other options do I have.

Note: I’d prefer not to update the postgres database directly.

Unfortunately, I was only able to update this via direct database update.