How to activate user profile in real by using import through kc_admin

I’ve been setting up my keycloak docker installation by using a shell script that calls kc_admin to import my realm.

I’ve added extra args in my docker compose:

I’ve manually enabled the user profile in my realm after which it works. But now, in order that I can rebuild my entire environment automatically, I need a way to enable the user profile as part of the realm import (JSON).

I see this section which might be relevant, but not sure how to set it up:
“org.keycloak.userprofile.UserProfileProvider”: [
“id”: “0c68136e-1ced-42f1-a33f-a062b4ba5e55”,
“providerId”: “declarative-user-profile”,
“subComponents”: {},
“config”: {}

And in the attributes section I have
“userProfileEnabled”: “true”

I’d be grateful if:

  1. Somebody can explain how I can either enable user profile through a setting in the realm JSON which is imported, or if it can be enabled by using kc_admin.

  2. Can I set the user profile attributes when I create test users as part of my setup? create users -r ${REALM_ID} -s username=${APP_USER} -s enabled=true -s “attributes.tenant_role=member” -s “attributes.tenant_id=perth” -s “firstName=Will” -s “lastName=Scarlett” -s “

So in the above I am trying to set the firstName, lastName and email for a test user account.

Many thanks