How to automate email verification on E2E testing?

Hi all

I have turned on the email verification for Sign Up process.

Now, I would like to automate E2E testing with on Sign Up process. The Problem that I encounter is the email verification part.

When I automate E2E testing for Sign Up process, how to confirm email verification programmatically with a help of fake smtp server, for example mailhog?


Mailhog has an API you could use,
You could also take a look at

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Nice @zonaut thanks so much for your help. :+1: :+1: :+1:

Soft, which implementation did you use?
did you get yours working? besides placing some imports etc it only indicated 3 variables in the env file.

I have followed the steps to the best of my ability and cypress is returning request
{url: undefined/realms/undefined/protocol/openid-connect/logout} on a logout my env file is {
“env”: {
“auth_base_url”: “”,
“auth_realm”: “as in a working app”,
“auth_client_id”: “as in a working app”
} that’s all the directions indicate. any help would be appreciated!!

@JDTully I did not do it yet. I am still planning to do it. I will let you know, if I have a solution with cypress.


I have solved a few other things and now back to this!