How to change from SameSite=none to SameSite=Lax in KEYCLOAK_SESSION cookie?

I am using keycloak 12 for authentication in our project. There are some cookies set by keycloak by default.
One of the cookie KEYCLOAK_SESSION is having attribute Samesite and it’s value is coming as “None” with Secure flag, wanted to change the Samesite attribute value to “lax” or “strict”.

Can anyone please help to find out a solution.

@kailasnathmca curious if you ever figure this one out? I’m actually looking for the opposite, since as part of domain migration we have “” and “” pointing to the same KC

However in a staging env this works fine and in another I see “Samesite” is being set strict and I wanted to remove it at least until we are done it the migration, KC will also eventually move to the same domain

Hi did you get any solution for this?

You can’t change them, it’s in the code.
With KC25 it hast changed: Keycloak 25 Released - Cookie Updates

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