How to change Theme Selector Provider

Hi everyone,

I have read the document about Theme Selector Provider here. That page shows the way to implement the customized theme selector provider and deploy it to Keycloak but I cannot find any instruction to change the default theme selector to my customized theme selector.

So, how can I set my customized theme selector as the default theme selector for Keycloak?

Thank you!

From: Server Developer Guide

"You can configure your provider through standalone.xml , standalone-ha.xml , or domain.xml .

For example by adding the following to standalone.xml :

<spi name="themeSelector">
    <provider name="myThemeSelector" enabled="true">
            <property name="theme" value="my-theme"/>


Not sure how to change the default, but at least this way, you could load it from a custom Authenticator and run it there.

Hi @xgp ,

Thank you for your answer. I already declared the configuration for my customized theme selector provider in standalone.xml but I cannot find where I can change the setting to use my theme selector provider. Could you give me some hints?

Besides that, I found a discussion that shows us the way to set the customized theme selector by default here. But I think it would be better if we use the official way that we can change the setting in the Keycloak UI.