How to configure jgroupsping purge with the docker image


We set as env variables of the docker image
JGROUPS_DISCOVERY_PROPERTIES: datasource_jndi_name=java:jboss/datasources/KeycloakDS,info_writer_sleep_time=500,remove_old_coords_on_view_change=true,remove_all_data_on_view_change=true

But it seems that remove_old_coords_on_view_change and remove_all_data_on_view_change do not work : jgroupsping is not purged when keycloak restart in HA mode.

How was it expected to work ?

I think remove_old_coords_on_view_change and remove_all_data_on_view_change are specific to FILE_PING. If you are trying to remove zombies for JDBC_PING the documented parameter appears to be clear_table_on_view_change, but I’ve had limited success actually getting this to work properly.

Actually, just looked at the code and the mailing list. Looks like clear_table_on_view_change doesn’t work anymore, despite still being in the docs. Use remove_all_data_on_view_change if you want to remove zombies with JDBC_PING. I just did a test and it works.