How to create a dynamic logout redirect url in a multi tenant keycloak?

Hey guys!

So, the thing is, in the project im working on, there is a multi tenant website…that works like
Our URL is something like this: “”, with this link, you come across the login page, and when we logout, we obviously have to be redirected to the login page again. The thing is, we use the same ip for 2 different customers, so it turns out like this:

so, my question is, can I put a dynamic url in this field? to redirect to the login page after de logout.

if i put in this field something like “”, it will redirect the customer2 to the customer1 login page, which is not what I want. How can I change this? I want that, if you logout in the customer2 website, you have to be redirected to the customer2 login page, and the same should happen with the customer1 website. Is that possible?

Sorry for my bad english.