How to create client resource using REST API?

Hi, I want to recreate photoz quickstart app using python but have problem with client resources - how can I create them using REST API? Because I use python developer than I can’t use java packages.

I have on my mind these resources:

I tried to find something in docs (Keycloak Admin REST API), but resources part is missing.
So is there any way to achive it using different language than java?

Create client resource in the browser (Keycloak UI) and watch requests/payloads in the browser console. UI uses Keycloak Admin REST API, so you can just mimic those requests. They are http requests, so it’s not a problem to use requests lib in the python to use Keycloak Admin REST API.

There are some projects for Python Keycloak Admin REST API client (search for example on GitHub). You may use them if they implement client resources.

It was a little tricky because Resources are part of Protection API (which is related to UMA).

Here are endpoints:

Here is UMA protocol explained: