How to edit files inside Keycloak running on a docker container

Hi folks,

How can I edit the files inside Keycloak running on a docker container. for example I would like to edit standalone.xml. But I tried to install vi and nano. but it didn’t work. I think Keycloak uses a different distribution and I don’t know how to install a editor on this distribution. Can someone help me?

mount the file you want to edit outside the container.
Look at the docker-compose.yml file in

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Thanks for your answer.

You can configure a lot of things from environment variables passed to docker and not have to edit standalone.xml at all. See

You can’t just login to the container and start editing files as they will be lost when the container is recreated.

I second the suggestion to mount the files you want to edit. Usually these are in /opt/jboss/keycloak/.

One alternative we found useful if you want to deploy a Keycloak container with modified files is to create a Dockerfile from the Keycloak image and then run sed scripts to change the configs in the new image.