How to Enable the keycloak login page instead of Rocketchat login page

I have installed rocket chat and keycloak both are in Docker. I have integrated Rocket chat with keycloak. This means we can create the user in keycloak and be able to log in with rocketchat.
My rocket chat is hosted under the
When I entered the domain name into the browser the default rocketchat login page will come, and the keycloak login page hides under the Login with Keycloak button. When I click the button the keycloak page will open.

Here I want to avoid(disable) the rocketchat default login page and need the only Keycloak login page.
can we able to do this??
I need keycloak login page instead of the Rocketchat login page

Screenshot from 2021-11-15 18-46-11
This is my rocketchat login page, when I click the Login with Keycloak it will take me to Keycloak login page

This is my keycloak login page after click the login with keycloak button

That depends on the Rocket Chat implementation. You can’t configure that in the Keycloak. So Rocket Chat forum is better place to ask.
(BTW: it is not possible with current Rocket Chat version, you can disable/hide local login, but there still be click required on the IDP login button).

Thanks, @jangaraj. I just disabled the rocket chat login page contents and only show the login with keycloak button