How to fetch users detail after login through IDP

Hello all ,

How to fetch user details (lke: firstname,lastname,email,username) after login through azure in keycloak.

You create mappers in the IdP for each field you want to import. If you can give us more information about which type of integration you’re using (SAML or OIDC), we could help point you in the right direction.

I have set azure as an identity provider .As i clicked at identity provider on left hand side on keycloak admin console and then i clicked on openID Connect V1.0 ,after then i filled client Secret,ClientID,authorisation URL,token Url etc.
As i have integrated keycloak with angular and when i open localhost:4200 it redirected me to localhost:8080 where keycloak login portal open and there i see the microsoft azure option on keycloak login portal . when i click on microsoft azure button it redirects me to microsoft login portal and then i need to enter email Id,password . and then i successfully loged in to angular application. and the user who get authenticated with microsoft azure their details got stored in keycloak H2 database.
Note : I want to print those user details in terminal.How to achieve that?