How to force an user to validate the terms and conditions again?


I would like to know if there is a conventional method to force a user to re-validate the terms and conditions? Indeed, it is expected to have a value of remember me high to prevent users from seeing connect each time. But how do you force users to validate the new terms if they change during this remember me period?

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Try to set the “Required Action” of the T&C on the specific user(s) again. Then, they are forced to execute the required action, which is confirming the T&C again.

Thank you dasniko for the reply.

How is it possible to do that please? Moreover, is it possible to execute that for all users?

You can do this in each user:

Before, you have to activate the Required Action itself, but I guess this is already done, otherwise your users couldn’t have agreed to T&Cs the first time:
image 2021-08-30 um 15.47.54

There’s no setting to get this for all users. You’ll have to set it (programatically) on each user on it’s own.
Alternatively, you can implement an Authentication Provider to force setting the Required Action upon some custom conditions.

According to you, make sense to do that via an invalidation of the realm public key for that? Thus this action could force all users to login again and validate the terms again.

What do you think about?

(Indeed it’s a bit brutal :slight_smile:)

This would only force the users to re-authenticate. The settings with the required actions you would have to do anyways.

Yes indeed dasniko,

Thanks a lot for your advices and comments.

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