How to get notified when performing a logout from Keycloak


I need some advice for this scenario. I think I’m missing some kind of Keycloak configuration or piece, or something.

I run a webapp and authenticate against Keycloak. Everything works fine. Then, I open a new tab, point to the same webapp and that bypasses the authentication and it’s automatically logged-in.

If I logout from one of them, the other one receives a “logout” event and can react to that event and also perform whatever logout actions may need.

So far so good. But, if I use the Keycloak UI to close the session instead of logging out from the webapp, neither of the 2 web apps are receiving the “logout” event and thus I can’t perform the webapp logout.

Am I missing something in the Keycloak configuration so that when I kill the session from Keycloak every single web application attached to that session gets that “logout” notification?

What I’m expecting is (on this scenario): if I kill the session from Keycloak, both web apps receive that “logout” event.

Has this something to do with the implementation of the backchannel logout feature?

Thanks in advance,


Hello all,

We finally implemented a new endpoint for the backchannel logout feature and we can successfullly notify any connected clients using an internal websocket channel and perform a client logout at web application level.